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FileMaker Pro Inventory Starter Kit

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The Single Use license is for a single inventory management project. For multiple inventory management projects, please purchase the Multiple Use license.


The FileMaker Pro Inventory Starter Kit contains the following files:

• PDF User's Guide

• FileMaker Pro starter file with the essential tables and fields for an inventory solution

• Modifiable Data Model

• Layout Mockups

• NLD Grids (a FileMaker Pro file) for designing layouts


Please note that the FileMaker Pro Inventory starter file is a starter file and not a starter solution. It has tables, fields, layouts, layout folders, and script folders to reduce time building an Inventory Management System. However, the layouts are not designed and the scripts are not written, except for a handful of utility scripts.

A starter solution forces you to use a generic design and scripts presumed to meet your needs. This starter file enables you to design the layouts and build the scripts according to your needs.

Before You Buy

FileMaker Pro Inventory Starter Kit is a great tool for starting your inventory project.  It has great flexibility regarding design and structure. Another option is available.  It has less flexibility than this FileMaker Pro Inventory Starter Kit but it is free.  For more information, go to



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FileMaker Pro Inventory Starter Kit

0 ratings
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