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BOM Tree Pro

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B.O.M. (Bill of Materials) Tree Pro allows users to see 

With BOM Tree Pro, you will be able to:

  • See all levels of required materials for a manufactured part.
  • See quantity available across all parts.
  • See quantity that can be made.
  • See quantity Requested
  • See Lead Times (for the item and another lead time for its WIP/Raw Materials)
  • See Need to Fulfill (NTF) quantity. In other words, if you receive an order create 10 and you have enough materials to assemble 4, what is the quantity of each raw material and subcomponent in the tree needed to create the additional 6 units?
  • Create substitutions within the tree for a single line or all instances of a particular item
  • Save BOM trees


The license for BOM Tree Pro is single use, non-transferable, perpetual license. That is, you can use and modify BOM Tree Pro but cannot give it or sell it to any person, any company, or any organization, either in its current form or in a modified form, either in whole or in part.

This does not include licensing for the FileMaker platform.

Free updates for 1 year.

Installation Options

  • New Leaf Data, LLC can install on Trayse Inventory or on your inventory app.
  • DIYers can install. Here's a video to help.

What's New


Version 3: Now includes unit and line cost in the BOM Tree, as well as unit and build cost in the item being built.


Version 4: There was an issue where the NTF (Need to Fulfill) was not aggregating properly in some instances.

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BOM Tree Pro

0 ratings
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