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A single license is for a single organization.  For multiple organizations, please make multiple purchases.  Please do not give, distribute, or resell this software to other people or organizations.


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NLD Encounters is a powerful Contact Management System that is optimized for the iPad and runs on Windows and Mac platforms as well.  NLD Encounters tracks contacts, encounters, news, relations, tasks, and system users.

Contacts - contacts can be people or organizations.  Tired of putting an organization's name into the First Name field?  Or using the company name for the first and last name of a person who works there?  NLD Encounters gracefully includes people and organizations into your contacts.

Do your contacts have more than one address? Not only can you store up to four addresses in NLD Encounters, but you can also visualize those locations on a map.

Encounters - log your interactions with your contacts and refer to them before meetings and appointments.

News - your contacts are busy people, involved in a many activities.  Whether they are interviewed on tv, radio, or podcast or make the local or national newspapers, you can track it here.

Relations - your contacts don't live in a vacuum.  Track how they are connected with other contacts in your database - a very easy process with NLD Encounters!

Task - need to do something for a contact?  Don't store it on a sticky pad!  With NLD Encounters you and your team can quickly access your tasks with a click of a button.

NLD Encounters is an open system.  Modify it to your hearts content.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, let me know within 15 calendar days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money. I’d like to say “No Questions Asked!”, but I want to know how I can make the product stronger, so I’d like to hear your feedback.


2016-01-19 12h26 EST

Fixed search box that expanded full width of window.

Changed address to default to "Business" when contact is an organization.

2016-01-18 17h36 EST

Added fields: County, Country, Organization Type, Organization Industry

Fixed bug in Age field where it showed a value without a Date of Birth (DOB)

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