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Password Generator

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Password Generator is a password management tool for teams. Unlike web-based systems such as 1Password or LastPass, Password Generator can be hosted either in the cloud or on-premise. This is particularly helpful for compliance requirements.

Password Generator is built on the FileMaker platform and runs on Windows and Mac. The file is open source, so you as the Admin can make modifications as needed. For example, you may choose to give each team member access to her/his passwords list. Or, you might automatically create new passwords periodically during a year.

Requires FileMaker version 17+.

New Leaf Data, LLC is available for customization.


The license for BOM Tree Pro is single use, non-transferable, perpetual license. That is, you can use and modify BOM Tree Pro but cannot give it or sell it to any person, any company, or any organization, either in its current form or in a modified form, either in whole or in part.

This does not include licensing for the FileMaker platform.

Video Features

Here's a video to show you how Password Generator works.

Choose a password length and generate a random password.

Magnify the password for ease of visibility.

Copy the password to your clipboard with a single click.

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An open source Password Generator build on the FileMaker platform.

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Password Generator

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